Staff Bank

Our staff bank can offer you a flexible way to boost your earnings and career prospects. Essentially it is a large talent pool of people who can work across many work areas and provide cover for maternity leave and temporary vacancies.

The team includes a diverse range of talented professionals including doctors, nurses, midwives, theatre practitioners and health care assistants, as well as other vital support roles.

Joining our in-house staff bank is a great way to explore different specialities, gain new skills or try out working here without committing to a permanent post.

We can offer flexible shifts to suit your lifestyle, the opportunity to earn extra money and gain new skills. It could be the start of whole new phase to your career! You could also gain skills and knowledge in a new area through exploring a different speciality.

For more information on joining the bank please search our current vacancies or contact the recruitment team at or 0300 614 5656.

For shift bookings, availability, cancellations and general enquiries, please contact our dedicated in-house temporary staffing team at or 0300 613 6901.

If you are a current bank worker, you can find available shifts and book online via Allocate EmployeeOnline (EOL) on the web or mobile.