Preceptorship Programme

Qualifying and undertaking the transition into your new role can be both an exciting and challenging time. At Frimley Health, we recognise this and are committed to providing a supportive and comprehensive Preceptorship Programme during this transitional period. Our aim is to develop clinical knowledge and skills for those who are newly qualified and new to the register to become confident, safe and competent practitioners.

The structured programme consists of a series of study days delivered by the Preceptorship Team, Clinical Educators and Subject Matter Experts and are spread over the course of the first year. The Preceptorship programme consists of 7 study days, with a couple of extra optional days in which you may attend. As a preceptee, you will also be supported in clinical practice to achieve any relevant clinical competencies.

Once you have been successful in applying for a role within Frimley Health you will be allocated to a cohort by the Preceptorship Team. The Preceptorship Programme is currently available to the following professions:

  • Newly Registered Nurses
  • Internationally Educated Nurses
  • Newly Registered Midwives
  • Operating Department Practitioners
  • Nursing Associates
  • Allied Health Professionals